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After the board meeting on the 17th of August, the only options are to vote Yes or No in November

until Election Day 

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Post related to the LTISD $703,000,000 2022 Bond

Enormous Amounts of Money Flow into the Bottomless Education Pit

“It’s now time to change course and become competitive in the field of education. Our future depends on it.”

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This is NOT about the Need for a New High School

Let’s be clear. The need for a new High School, or at a minimum, more HS capacity is real, understood, and supported. Elementary School capacity will be needed – although[…]

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Where are the Financial Controls??

Every area of the LTISD Bond 2018 history and Bond 2022 proposal that is reviewed only leads to more questions and more insight into improvements required. The June 30, 2012[…]

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