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Here We Go Again  

It is OK to Vote NO! Make them come back with a REASONABLE bond!

Much of this is still the same as Fall 2022:  Our schools are failing. Why is our Administration spending so much time and energy on building buildings and athletic facilities, and not on our children's academic education? (Report Card update still to come...and it's not good news...)

We firmly rejected Proposition C in Fall 2022. 63% of Voters turned away the $93M Proposition C.

The bond that LTISD Board and Administration are putting on the Fall 2023 ballot is the same, only worse.  The ask this time: $143M. What's in it?  

Proposition C $93.8M, plus an additional $1.78M on these same items,

 Bee Cave Middle School turf $1.2M, more HS#2 add-ons of $46.3M and another $500K in Bond Closing Costs.


VOTE NO on the bond this fall - tell the School District LOUD AND CLEAR that we need a better bond package. 

Want to understand more? 2023 BOND page show details about what the bonds have and raise issues and questions in more depth. 
We deserve a better bond.  Vote NO.

Why Vote NO?

12 Reasons why
this bond should be defeated

1.  Over $1 Million for baseball concession stand & press box
2.. $500K in bond admin and closing costs; last year’s Prop A included failed Prop C admin and closing costs
3.  $4.8M in Locker rooms – the previous and current estimate of $56.4M for “athletic facilities” didn’t include locker rooms?
4.  $16.2M for Cavalier Stadium renovations – we renovate every bond cycle. Time to make choices
5.  The bond represents failed Prop C ($93M) + $1.2M BCMS Turf + $46M for additional HS#2 facilities (above what was in Prop C + $500K bond closing. Maxing out our Credit Card.
6.  We’ll be over $1 Billion in debt.
7.  “Equity” is a farce; its 3A vs 5A – old vs new – we’ll never have equity.
8.  $1.2M for golf facilities – we need to continue renting time from local tax-benefitted golf clubs, not build our own to maintain
9.  We don’t have any understanding of what the Operating Costs for these athletic facilities (and other structures) will look like
10.  Baseball and softball turf estimate rose from $1.14M in Prop C to $3.192M in this bond.
11.  They will not bus the kids for athletics; they will bring back a more reasonable bond.
12.  $4M in “Additions to Football / Soccer Stadium” – this proves the gold-plated point, don’t you think? 

2023 Bond Recap