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Texas Law – What We Issue Bonds For

It’s the Law

Texas law states:

Texas Education Code Sec. 45.001. BONDS AND BOND TAXES.

(a) The governing board of an independent school district, including the city council or commission that has jurisdiction over a municipally controlled independent school district, the governing board of a rural high school district, and the commissioners court of a county, on behalf of each common school district under its jurisdiction, may:

(1) issue bonds for:

(A) the construction, acquisition, and equipment of school buildings in the district;

(B) the acquisition of property or the refinancing of property financed under a contract entered under Subchapter A, Chapter 271, Local Government Code, regardless of whether payment obligations under the contract are due in the current year or a future year;

(C) the purchase of the necessary sites for school buildings;

(D) the purchase of new school buses;

(E) the retrofitting of school buses with emergency, safety, or security equipment; and

(F) the purchase or retrofitting of vehicles to be used for emergency, safety, or security purposes