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Proposition C – Deeper Dive behind the $93.8M

Per state law, Proposition C has been created to provide taxpayers a choice of whether to invest in more athletic upgrades than what is already proposed in Proposition A (e.g., a $44M competition arena (or “gym” as the District refers to it verbally, This bond proposition contains many “Destination District” projects which are explored here.

What’s in the $94M Proposition C?

A whole bunch of expensive athletic upgrades and facilities.  Take a look.’s Summary of Proposition C

Using the data from the “Meeting #4” publication of the Long Range Facility Planning Committee, here is a recap of what is in Proposition C.

It’s All “Priority” 

If any of the athletic asks was not included in the bond proposal recommended by the Long Range Facilities Planning Committee, those asks were not disclosed. All line items requested by the Administration was included in the bond proposal due to the debt capacity (i.e., the credit limit of the Royal Canadian Bank credit card). So voters now will be able to review and either agree on the principle plus interest debt that would be incurred, or ask the District, the Committee and the Board to sharpen the pencil and scale this bond back for the top priorities.

The Million Dollar Hot Dog Stand

The $900,000 Baseball Concession Stand is envisioned to have a porch area, new restrooms and enlarge the press box.  

A local resident, who frequently gives time, talent and money to the District and is an expert in renovation had this to say:  “A million dollar concession stand. The existing space is probably 12’x24′ with a press / scorekeeper booth upstairs.  That’s $3,472.22 per square foot!! I have worked in that concession stand for four years and we could renovate the whole thing for the price of ONE square foot! ONE MILLION DOLLARS IS PORK”

$16M in Cavalier Stadium Upgrades

The $2.2M in stadium and athletic facilities improvements in the 2018 Long Range Facilities Planning just wasnt’ enough. Additional renovation, additional seating, new press box, additional offices, and team rooms are in this number.  Add to it another $1.4M to renovate LTHS restrooms “at all athletic fields”.

$10M Women’s Field House Addition

With significant dollars requested and approved in 2018 for men’s field house improvements, its only fitting that the women get a turn. But at $10M? That’s for a new 12, 500 square foot, 2 story addition to the women’s field house and all for $800 per square foot.  This makes the “expensive” $680 Science Classrooms look like a Return on Education bargain.

$1.146M More for Men’s Field House 

Dollars were approved in 2018 to improve the weight room – but apparently that “Long Range Facilities Planning” wasn’t long range enough. While those bonds are still being paid off, an additional debt of $1,146,750 is envisioned for even more equipment – this time for “soccer, track, etc.”  So last time was just for football? Or what?

$1.2M for Outdoor Golf Hitting Bays and Putting Green

District data did not tie out yet, so a FOIA has been submitted to confirm that the $1.2M for the outdoor golf hitting bays and putting green is included in Proposition C, not Proposition A.